Once Upon a Time Y'all
Southern Origin Stories

Once Upon a Time Y'all – Southern Origin Stories cast a modern view on the old art of storytelling through origin stories. Told in a uniquely "southern" voice, the reader is asked to imagine a time when turtles didn't have shells, and mockingbirds had their own distinctive song.  Like origin stories of old, this picture book both entertains and educates, exciting the senses with both its beautiful illustrations and lyrical words. Participation in the art of storytelling is encouraged through the activities that accompany the text, which allow the reader to create their own original origin stories. Once Upon a Time Y'all carries the reader on a magical journey reminiscent of the past, yet rooted firmly in the present!


  The Joshua Tree
                    A Story About Change and 
                    How God Helps Us Through It

Life never stays the same. Change is inevitable and happens to each and every one of us over the course of our lives. How do you handle change when the unexpected happens? The animals who lived in the safety and beauty of a familiar forest near a wise and stately tree were ill prepared when sudden and alarming change came to their home. They turned to the wisdom of what they knew for answers only to learn that what frightened them most was their only route to safety.  The Joshua Tree explores the reality of change and how frightening change can be to both children and adults who experience it. It also confirms the simple truth that God’s guidance and plan for each of our lives has purpose and meaning.  The Joshua Tree is an adventure of change intertwined with important biblical truths. These truths lead to a wonderful yet unexpected revelation for the animals of the once beautiful forest. Learn with them how God’s infinite wisdom made their greatest fear become their greatest blessing of all.


Kudos to Jess MacCallum and Professional Printers, Inc. They have given wings to my dreams!
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Happy Tails
Four Simple Stories About 
Three Silly Dogs

Amber, Molly, and Daisy are three happy, happy, happy dogs. Through the woods, down the trails, by the pond, and around their house they run; barking, jumping, and sniffing. Whew…it's enough to wear a good dog out, that's why Amber, Molly, and Daisy also love napping, napping, napping. Come share their adventures and learn why their "Happy Tails" are always wagging! 
             Blossom The Opossum Takes A Vacation

Blossom, a curious, well groomed, but frazzled mother opossum, needs a short vacation! But where to go . . . perhaps some place local holds the answer? Follow Blossom, and her good friend Fergus-the-Fox, as they delight in new smells, new tastes, and modern comforts. See how the adventurous animal duo of Blossom and Fergus plot to make their vacation dreams come true. Will the humans find out, and what about Blossom’s precious opossum babies? This hilarious tale is sure to keep you sitting on the edge of your seat. Surprises will abound!