Welcome to MoDog Press!   
MoDog Press is an independent printing venture created by a former educator.  This independent press is a venue to print beautifully illustrated and written children’s literature.  Because education is at the heart of all MoDog Press does, all books from this independent publishing house will have some educational component that invites children to become active learners; reworking or recreating what they’ve read into something uniquely their own.  Another resounding theme in literature printed through MoDog Press is the simple truth of Godly values.  It is our hope that every story will provide opportunities for discussion between parent and child, or teacher and student, and that through that discussion, time-tested truths and values can be learned.  We never want to be "preachy", but heartedly embrace the "teachy" side of our literature, encouraging parents to emphasize those values which speak most to them.  MoDog Press strives to create literature that touches the heart, engages the mind, and embraces all of God’s creatures.